Research field

  • Research of the biology and ecology of phytophagous insect and mite species and their predators and parasitoids
  • Research of insect and mite resistance to insecticides and acaricides
  • Research of the effects of biopesticides and other naturally-occurring products to insects and mites
  • Research of insecticide and acaricide effects on biological parameters of insects and mites and their population growth
  • Research of potentials for integrating chemical, biological and other methods of protection of plants and plant products from insect and mite pests


ТR31043: Research of plant pathogens, arthropods, weeds and pesticides with a focus on developing biorational methods for plant protection and production of safe food (Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development)

III46008: Development of integrated systems of pest management in plant production with a focus on overcoming the resistance problem and improving food quality and safety (Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development)


  • Testing of biological efficacy of insecticides and acaricides in controlling insect and mite pests for registration and product development purposes
  • Phytosanitary certification of crops and plant products for insect and mite infestations
  • Monitoring of population dynamic of insects and mites for forcasting purposes