Tanja Blažić, PhD – Research Associate




2010 - BScAgri – Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade

2016 - PhD in Life Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade

Research ranks

2015 – Research Assistant
2017 – Research Associate


2015 – Institute of Pesticides and Environmental Protection, Belgrade


Research field

Life sciences – Agriculture – Plant protection: chemical protection, agricultural zoology


Plant Protection Society of Serbia

Selected articles


  1. Blažić, T., Jokić, G., Götz, M.,  Esther, A., Vukša, M., Đedović, S. (2018): Brodifacoum as a first choice rodenticide for controlling bromadiolone-resistant Mus musculus. Journal of Stored Products Research, 79: 29-33.
  2. Jokić, G., Blažić, T., Marković, T., Đedović, S., Brkić, D., Vukša, M. (2018): Wild Mus musculus response on two different essential oils with high repellent potential. Journal of Stored Products Research, 79: 106-111.
  3. Jokić G., Mitrić S., Pejin D., Blažić T., Đedović S., Stojnić B., Vukša M. (2018): Response of wild Mus musculus to baits containing essential oils: I - Cinnamon and clove tested in storage facilities. Pesticides & Phytomedicine, 33(2): 137-144.
  4. Jokić G., Mitrić S., Pejin D., Blažić T., Đedović S., Stojnić B., Vukša M. (2018): Response of wild Mus musculus to baits containing essential oils: II Bromadiolone and difenacoum baits with 0.75% cinnamon oil tested in storages. Pesticides & Phytomedicine,33(3-4), 253-259.
  5. Jokić G., Blažić T., Đurović-Pejčev R., Đorđević T., Đedović S., Vukša M. (2017): A method for reducing environmental pollution by using essential oils in rodent pest management program. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 24(22): 18257-18262.
  6. Jokić G., Blažić T., Đedović S., Vukša M. (2017): Presence of small rodent in replanted oak forests. Abstracts. 11th European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference (Z., Borowski, W., Olech and A., Suchecka, eds.).European Bison Friends Society, Warsaw, Poland, pp. 36.
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  1. Jokić, G., Vukša, M., Đedović, S., Stojnić, B., Kataranovski, D., Šćepović , T. (2013): Effects of different essential oils on the acceptibility and palatability of cereal-based baits for laboratory mice. Pesticides & Phytomedicine28: 111-116.